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How to Buy, Sell & Trade the Aureus Nummus Gold


The Aureus Nummus Gold is listed on the following exchanges for trading (subject to change):

More exchanges will follow.

Retail Investors – Non-Professional + Non-Institutional Investors

Generally speaking, we can deal and trade only with so-called “Accredited Investors”. The definition of an “Accredited Investor” can be found here on this SEC website.  See also the as defined in the Terms and Conditions in the  legal section of this website. This means, that if you don’t fit at least into the “Accredited Investor” definition, then most likely you are a member of the general public or a retail investor. In this case you need to buy, sell and trade the Aureus Nummus Gold through one of the crypto exchanges, on which the Aureus Nummus Gold is trading. These exchanges are usually referred to also as “secondary markets”.  Generally speaking, the administrators of the Aureus Nummus Gold do not have any influence over these crypto exchanges or secondary markets.  Secondary markets, like crypto exchanges, exist and do business independently from the Aureus Nummus Gold. The crypto exchanges, on which the Aureus Nummus Gold is listed for trading, generally accept retail investors, non-professional investors, non-institutional investors and the general public.

Direct Transactions with Accredited, Professional + Institutional Investors

If you are at least an Accredited Investor or an “Institutional Investor”, and if you are not on the list of “Excluded Persons”, then we can do business transactions with you directly.  Examples: We could directly buy back from you or sell to you the Aureus Nummus Gold, in exchange for gold, precious metals, other commodities, any other  assets, or fiat currencies. We do this on a case by case basis for selected customers. Other restrictions may apply, please see our Terms and Conditions in the Legal Section. Several laws require us to demand proof of the “accredited investor” status of a client or of an investor, who wishes to deal directly with us. This proof generally consists of bank statements showing a minimum amount in liquid assets as defined here on this SEC website, or also a confirmation letter issued by a public accountant or a bank. Certified financial statements would also be acceptable. if in doubt please ask us.

Need help? Contact us !

If you need assistance with a Aureus Nummus Gold transaction, please contact us for further assistance, or send an email to aureus(at)

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